•  Great studio, awesome people, wonderful energy! All the classes are great but I really enjoy Julie and Bashi's slow burn classes.

    ~ Jessica Szarama Seaman
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  • Excellent studio and excellent instructors. Very customer service oriented. Try it..you will love it!

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  • I attended my first healthy backs class with Julie yesterday and it was the
    greatest thing I've done for myself in a long time! Don't know why it took me
    this long, but all I can say is I'm hooked now and looking forward to many
    more awesome classes! Thanks Julie for your inspiration! You rock!

    ~ Enza Campione
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  • I have been going to a variety of classes at Empower since September.
    The studio is welcoming and serene. Everybody who works there is so
    friendly and caring. (Even going to the extent of calling to check in on me
    when I was unable to attend classes for a few weeks.) This is a
    community..... A place to learn, explore, and grow. The classes are geared
    towards all experience levels and allow you to challenge yourself.

    ~ Allison Baron
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  • Empower Yoga Studio in Northville is a great place for the beginners and
    the experienced yogis.

    Empower Yoga combines a studio of tasteful layout, cordial and warm
    staff members, caring and knowledgeable teachers and a thoughtfully
    planned class schedule, there isn't much more a yogi can ask for a yoga studio.

    As a beginner, I was greeted with warm welcome and all the self-doubt
    instantaneously vanished.

    A year later, I am still met with the same enthusiastic and warm welcome
    every time I come to the class.

    And I am still constantly learning from the different teachers and fellow

    Classes are led by knowledgeable, wise and energetic teachers; I have
    taken just about all the classes.

    Schedules are a direct reflection of students' desires and need as to make
    it convenient. Julie makes it a point to seek out and hear students' needs
    and wants regularly.

    Prices are superbly reasonable, yet there are no cut-corners or gizmos.
    See you on the mat.

    Jimmy C. | Novi, MI
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  • I love the atmosphere and the view from the yoga room is amazing. Like the teaching style too. Will continue to go back!

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  • Great yoga studio for anyone regardless of prior experience, age, fitness
    level, and etc! I absolutely loved taking classes here. I felt more relaxed yet
    energetic after each class and rejuvenated.

    They offer various classes throughout the day which changes daily and the
    schedule is repeated every week. The teachers are very easy to approach
    and passionate about yoga.

    The room is spacious and kept clean. Foam blocks and rollers are
    available at the studio for the students to borrow. There are two changing
    rooms for the students

    Qwerty N. | Northville, MI
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  • Loving the classes especially the strength yoga with Julie

    ~ Carolyn LaHousse
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  • I'm a fast-paced person, and usually like athletically challenging workouts.
    However, recognizing I could use some balance in my life (and also feeling
    very sore from weekend workouts), I decided to explore a stretching yoga class.

    I called and spoke with a delightful woman who was friendly,
    knowledgeable, and encouraging, as I'm a yoga newbie. I attended a
    Monday 7.30PM candlelight yin. It was wonderful. The room was dimly lit
    with candles so no one could really see the awkward girl by the door (me!).
    The studio itself was small, but creatively and neatly laid out.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the experience, but mostly thankful that the
    staff were so kind and understanding.

    Yoga virgins and yoga vets, I highly recommend giving Empower a shot!

    Cara C. | Ann Arbor, MI
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  • Loved the beg class with Nate and Lauren this summer ... Learning yoga is
    therapy on a mat
    Love the studio Julie thank you so much for sharing your passion with us!!!!

    ~ Donna Dowd
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  • I have attended several classes and each instructor has been fabulous!
    Everyone is extremely welcoming and kind. I love this place!!

    ~ Laura Kraft Morris
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  • Great space. My first class was a random choice hot vinyasa, fantastic
    instructor, great energy. Perfect mix of one movement one breath, and
    holding postures for several. Looking forward to my next class.. First time
    there and in a few minutes I felt like I was among friends

    ~ Christopher Handsy
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  • I've been to two healthy backs classes and have really loved it. Looking
    forward to coming twice a week as often as I can. Instructors are helpful
    and I don't feel like I have to keep up with everyone. Hard work but relaxing
    as well.

    ~ Susan Rossi Wolter
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  • Yoga has changed the way I think about exercising. It has compelled me to
    take better care of myself everyday! Thank you!

    ~ Joelma Cristina
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  • My day is better whenever I start it with one of their slow burn or hot
    vinyasa classes. There are people of all different levels practicing at this
    studio and the instructors give you different options to make the class
    easier or harder. So you can adjust it to what you need. Everyone that
    works there is very warm and welcoming. I especially enjoy kara and bryan
    hot vin classes.

    ~ Amber Jeffrey
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  • Went to hot vinyasa and it was AWESOME! The whole place is really
    beautiful and has really good energy. Loved it!

    ~ Ray Ray
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  • I was very happy with my first visit to Empower Yoga. I love the studio - it has a great atmosphere for getting centered, and I felt refreshed yet challenged. I definitely would recommend it - great music, excellent instruction and helpful staff.

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  • Great classes!!!

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  • Great hot yoga class! 

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  • Great place Great energy !

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  • Comfortable place for any skill level from beginner to advanced.

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  • Unlike most studios that offer classes according to level of ability, Empower Yoga classifies their offerings differently (e.g., "Healthy Backs", "Hot Vinyasa", "Slow Burn", etc.) and all levels of ability can attend any class. The atmosphere in the room is very calming, looking out into a garden courtyard. I have only tried the "healthy Backs" class but enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to trying others.

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed my first Beginner’s Yoga class on Wednesday night!
    Lauren and Nate led us through lots of great movement, and made us all
    feel comfortable whatever level we might be. I came home feeling relaxed
    but also energized - an interesting but good combination! If you’ve always
    wanted to try yoga, this is the perfect opportunity

    ~ Becca Rowan
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  • Love the place! Classes are great and instructors are as well. Hope to see additional groupons for their location.

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  • Very friendly and welcoming

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