Garrett Maximiuk


I Love yoga because every time I step on my mat, it is a unique experience. There is always something new to explore and feel. Even if I’ve done the posture hundreds of times before, it’s always different and new. Yoga is a never ending practice that keeps me coming back for more. 

Yoga has helped me to overcome so many obstacles and changed my life in such a positive way that it inspired me to become a Yoga Teacher. My goal was to guide others toward the same benefits that I receive. I like to teach at the opposite ends of the yoga spectrum. Effort and ease. My classes are very physical and challenging, but still offer a deep state of relaxation at the end so that students can really soak in all the benefits of the practice.

I love that the empower community is always up for a challenge. I mostly teach vinyasa classes and the students are always pushing me to come up with new sequences to push their bodies and minds to the limit.


Garrett’s Class Schedule:

Connie Holen