Jamie Anderson


I love yoga because it allows me to be exactly as I am. Regardless of my day, I know my mat is a safe and welcoming space. Free of judgment and expectations. Having the ability to move at the measure and sound of my own breath is something that I am grateful for every time  I step onto my my. 

I decided to become a yoga teacher so that I could  hold space for students to be exactly as they are. To meet themselves with love, acceptance and compassion. To draw awareness to every movement and to every breath. Giving them permission to let go to any physical, mental or emotional tension that they may be holding on to, so that they can leave the space feeling lighter, freer and ready to take on anything that comes their way. My teaching style is strong, but I encourage students to feel free to express themselves through breath and movement.

I love this beautiful yoga community because of its continual commitment and the way that everyone is here to support one another. 


Jamie’s Class Schedule:

Connie Holen