Keith Schweizer


I love yoga because of the space it gives me to practice mindfulness, and the beauty this space brings to my life. The subtle awareness it creates and the peace it provides. After a stressful day nothing helps me clear my mind and refresh my body like a strong asana practice. I initially became a yoga teacher to deepen my own personal practice, and soon found great joy in sharing this gift with others.

I would describe my teaching vibe to be slow and relaxing. I enjoy creating a safe and supported space for students to become their own teacher. A space where they are open to explore themselves in a deeper, non judgmental way. 

Empower Yoga has become a true sanctuary for me. The positive environment and uplifting people give so much light and love, that it warms my heart every time I walk through the door. It feels like home, and the community feels like family.


Keith’s Class Schedule:

Connie Holen