Lauren McEachran


I love yoga because it offers me a sacred space in which I can dive inward and reconnect with myself. No matter what else is happening in my life, yoga is always there to remind me of my own strength and leaves me feel empowered. 

I started practicing yoga to deal with my struggles with anxiety. It helped me build my self confidence and really changed my life. Yoga taught me that I am completely capable of handling anything that comes my way. My goal in becoming a yoga teacher was to give back, and empower my students to overcome the obstacles in their own life. My teaching style is a combination of alignment and free flowing movements. I used to be a contemporary dancer and like to incorporate these elements into my classes.

I love the community at Empower because everyone is super friendly and welcoming. The studio has a very soothing vibe that makes everyone feel right at home!


Lauren’s Class Schedule:

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