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At Empower Yoga, we're dedicated to empowering YOU through Health, Wellness, and Fitness. We are Northville's premier yoga studio and offer a variety of yoga classes and yoga workshops for the beginner to the advanced practitioner. Click here for more class information.






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  •  Great studio, awesome people, wonderful energy! All the classes are great but I really enjoy Julie and Bashi's slow burn classes.
    ~ Jessica Szarama Seaman 
    "Yelp Reviews"


  •  Great studio, awesome people, wonderful energy! All the classes are great but I really enjoy Julie and Bashi's slow burn classes.
    ~ Jessica Szarama Seaman



Yoga Etiquette: Respect Fellow Students & Enjoy Your Practice

A practice as ancient and beautiful as yoga comes with a level of implied etiquette. We all have good intentions, but life can sometimes shift our priorities, pushing etiquette down the list as we rush to class, to find time with our friends, and juggle our responsibilities. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing many years, with an open heart, we will review the following points ~
• Noble Silence - Upon entering the yoga room, please observe Nobel Silence. We observe Noble Silence by refraining from all conversation. When you enter the Sacred Space of the yoga room, please remember that many students arrive early to meditate, or simply relax before class. Your yoga teacher will address and speak to the class as a whole, but individual conversations should not carried on during class. Please respect this Sacred Space and your fellow practitioners, by observing Noble Silence throughout your entire practice.
• Settle Into The Yoga Room Quietly - Continuing with the above point, when you enter the yoga room, please unroll your mat gently, greet your friends with a smile, gather your props, and settle back onto your mat quietly, so that you don’t disturb those around you.
• No Shoes - Yoga is practiced in bare feet. Please leave your shoes and belongings in our changing room cubbies. No shoes are allowed to enter the yoga room.
• Cleanliness - Cleanliness and purity of the body is mentioned in Patanjai’s Yoga Sutra’s, and can not only impact your personal practice, but all of those around you. It is important to practice with a clean body, mat and towel. Please shower before class! Come to your mat clean, including clean clothes, clean yoga towels and mats. Be very mindful that yoga is practiced in a close, intimate space. Avoid all perfumes and scents, including essential oils, when attending class.
• Cell Phones - Please turn off all electronics before class and leave them with your belongings, or simply leave them in your car. Please do not bring cell phones or other electronics into the yoga room.
• Modifications - Make mindful modification. When you need a break, please take a restorative posture like child's pose or seated meditation. Be respectful of fellow students and the class you are attending. If you have a tendency to fall asleep during savasana, and you know that you typically snore, please prop your neck and head up properly before you take rest so that all students can enjoy the same restful state.
•Wear Layers - Think about dressing in layers, as the temperature in a yoga room may vary from day to day. As our seasons change, the room temp may change as well. It’s better to be able to add or lose a layer, and be comfortable in every class.
• Punctuality - Please plan on arriving 10 - 15 minutes before class to allow for time to check in, put away your things and get settled. Please arrive early and avoid leaving before class ends.

Namaste ~

Overcoming Anxiety Through Yoga

Yoga for anxiety_copy2
Overcoming Anxiety Through Yoga

Standing in a Fierce Warrior pose, sinking further into that lunge, feeling the cool breath as you inhale through your nose, focusing your gaze over your fingertips – there is not enough capacity for other thoughts in that moment. Experienced yogis have long known about the centering benefits of holding your body in a yoga posture, while focusing on breath, both keeping you firmly rooted in the present.

Yoga combines physical postures while partnering breath work and meditation, and is being recognized and prescribed as therapy for anxiety concerns. Anxiety often catches an individual in the loop of replaying the past, and worrying about the future – neither of which is beneficial. By breaking the repeating cycle of past and future worries, your time on the mat in the present is helping in alleviating anxiety.

Recently it seems that every newscast brings another tragedy. It is easy for anyone to become anxious or overwhelmed at the state of the world. Anxiety symptoms can include feeling nervous, restless or tense, trouble sleeping, and having difficulties concentrating. Anxiety can also create physical symptoms, such as muscle tension and headaches. A yoga practice will help to keep your body flexible and strong, while relieving tension and stress, and moving you to balance.

We’ve heard many times, “Your yoga practice begins the moment you roll up your mat.” We can relate this to the morning news, or whatever may be affecting you, and overcoming those anxieties. Your yoga practice will give you the additional tools to face those daily challenges as they arise, and to focus on your present and building your best you.

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