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At Empower Yoga we believe that yoga is for everybody!

All classes are multilevel classes and will include brand new students as well as seasoned practitioners. Everyone is welcome! We provide a truly nonjudgmental space where each student is encouraged to grow and learn at his/her own pace.


Candlelight Yin

Yin is a restorative, relaxing yoga practice that focuses on stretching and opening up the body's connective tissues. Yin postures use no muscle, and are held for several minutes at a time, allowing you to move deep into the bodies muscle and connective tissue. Yin Yoga is an ideal way to bring balance and harmony into a stressful, busy life. Class is ideal for anyone seeking pure healing and relaxation. Yin is taught at room temperature, accompanied by candlelight and relaxing music. You will walk away from class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Healthy Backs

Healthy Backs is a restorative yoga practice that is ideal for beginners, or anyone seeking healing and relaxation. This class will slowly move through the basic yoga postures, and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Healthy Backs was created to gently realign the spine and strengthen the muscles that support the back. Class is taught at room temperature, accompanied by relaxing music.

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Cool Flow

Cool Flow is an ideal way to create a strong yoga foundation. This room temperature class is fully guided, non-heated and will teach you all the yoga basics. Its perfect for students who don't like a heated room, but enjoy a flowing practice. Cool Flow includes Sun Salutations, balancing, stretching and strengthening. This classes is accessible to most, and will leave you feeling strong, calm and focused.

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Slow Burn

Slow Burn encourages an inward journey by moving with the eyes closed, helping students feel the postures, rather than see them. This class includes slower paced flows, and longer holding postures. The entire body and mind are brought back to balance through this focused, yet calming class. Slow Burn is ideal for new students, as well as the experienced practitioner. Class is taught in a warm room with soft relaxing music.


Ashtanga/Short Form

Ashtanga Yoga is a strong, traditional form of yoga that follows the same pattern of postures each time it is practiced. This class pulls all of the yoga fundamentals together to create an energizing, moving meditation. Class is fully guided and taught in a warm room, accompanied by soft music or no music at all. Ashtanga is an ideal class for the student who enjoys an energizing, traditional form of yoga. Ashtanga/Short Form is a one hour version of the Ashtanga Primary Series and is considered an introduction to the Ashtanga Primary Series.


Hot Vinyasa

Hot Vinyasa is an energizing, dynamic class that links breath with movement, while incorporating a continuous flow of postures. The flows are used to create internal heat to help purify the body. Your teacher will guide you through a series of yoga postures to create a flow, then each student moves through the sequence at his/her own pace. Class is taught in a heated room, accompanied by upbeat music. Hot Vinyasa is an ideal class for the fitness minded student.

Infrared Heat!

Our studio uses therapeutic, Far Infrared heat to help you get the most our of your practice. This innovative technology helps relieve pain, improves flexibility, increase metabolism, burn more calories, reduce stress & fatigue, boost immune system and is environmentally friendly.