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Building balance. Building community. Empower Yoga.

Yoga Studio Owner, Northville

My dream was to create a yoga community where students were able to explore their full potential in a safe and supported space. Through yoga, I found all the answers I was searching for. What I initially did not know is that the answers were always within me. I just needed to slow down, stop worring about the future, forgive the past, and live in the present moment. This ancient practice helped me make sense of our modern world. I found my truth, self love and peace by incorporating yoga into my daily life, and sharing it with others. My goal is to use yoga as a tool to relieve human suffering, and to share this gift with as many people as possible.


~Julie Cook Founder of Empower Yoga~

Our Teachers

Empower Yoga is home to the area’s most talented and compassionate teachers

I have attended several classes and each instructor has been fabulous! Everyone is extremely welcoming and kind. I love this place!
— Laura Morris